Model Keri Marie Shares Her Dreams Of Starting An Anti-bullying Program


Popular headlining model Keri Marie seams to be taking on the mean kids in her thoughts after one of journalist asked her about her ‘dream’ business. The upcoming indie actress acted as her sweet self and shared that she would start and anti-bullying program free!

Reporter: If you could start your own business what kind of business will it be and why? 

Keri Marie: A nonprofit “Names Can Hurt” Anti Bully Program. I know how it feels to be an outsider and everyone of us deserves to have friends!

Keri Marie kept her answer direct and simple for us to get the picture enough to paint it the way she wants it. Keri Marie is one of the few latest members of the new modeling movement ProjectXPlatinum that continues to find her way into our headlines more than others. The beautiful model will also be one of the cast members to Prince Vega’s first indie movie coming soon.

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