Model Kissa Gwendolyn discuss her new year’s resolution, being a die-hard Pokemon fan, wanting to do cosplay shoots, suffering from a shoulder injury and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts model Kissa Gwendolyn is such a spectacular individual that has been doing a pretty good job as an independent model. One of my main hopes is to see her get more involved with modeling because I admire her potential.


One of my favorite shoots happens to be the one she did with the Patriot’s jersey when she collaborated with Massachusetts photographer Constantine Manos.  Everything looked perfectly placed and her facial expression with the football was perfect, in my opinion.


It also inspired me to get this interview done as soon as I could. The interview may look a little differently from the others because Gwendolyn sent me her responses using some sort of app., which arrange some sentences in a weird way. So I chose to quote her responses and add them, enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens*~*~ 


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Kissa!! It is definitely exciting that we are kicking off our very first interview together. I have been wanting to interview you for a while now. You have been a pretty awesome person that I have been connected with online for over a year. How was your New Year’s Day? Are you enjoying the new year so far?


My New Year’s day was good, I had an amazing NYE with my family! The new year is bringing many positive changes including being accepted in Bridgewater State for my Bachelor’s degree, and working on new concepts all around. I’m hoping to take some photography courses next semester. Progress is key this year!

Internet Hollywood: Did you make a New Year’s resolution?


My resolution was to stick to my saying, “be kind, always.” This is important because everyone comes from different walks off life, each having their own story. Your smile could make someone’s day, so never be angry. It takes so much emotion and strength to be angry, just be kind. ✌Also coming back from a shoulder injury I’d like to hit the gym. I love my curves, I want to just tone up a little bit from the holidays.

Internet Hollywood: What was your most memorable moment in the year 2017?


2017 wasn’t my best year. I think Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago was a blast, meeting the CEO of Niantic. Also I traveled to Vegas, which was my first time in the west coast. Last year had its positive memories, but also a lot of difficult ones as well. I think being an extra in the movie Patriots Day is up there though! After filming the movie, I actually saw the finish line in real life. Now that was something mind blowing.

Internet Hollywood: Last year, you were pretty on and off with doing photo shoots. Are you planning on getting more active in modeling this year?


Coming back from a shoulder injury, we might still have surgery on the table. By the middle of the year, I would like to be back to my old self, and produce my own 2019 calendar. (I was planning on a 2018 calendar but got set back due to the pain. ) That is one of my biggest goals of the year! I also want to focus on more acting and extra roles within film.

Internet Hollywood: What style of modeling are you open to doing with photographers that want to collaborate and which style of shooting is your least favorite?


I love to shoot anything fun and colorful, especially cosplay. I’ve done so many shoots, that you can only have so many photos. I like shooting new, edgy, and different! ❤💙💛 Definitely looking into a few other Pokemon concepts, as well as a mermaid. 🐙🦈🐋

Internet Hollywood: One thing that’s easy to learn about is how much of a die-hard Pokemon fan you are. When did you start getting into Pokemon and who is your favorite?


Yes, I am the first level 40 from my town, and second female gamer from the South Coast!🏆 I got into Pokemon when it first came out when I was younger and it has grown. I met Veronica Taylor (the voice of Ash) at this year’s Boston Comic Con! 😍And well, if course Pikachu is my favorite. 😙💋

Internet Hollywood: If you could create your own Pokemon what will it’s name be called and what will his powers be?


Hmmmm I would create a cotton candy penguin🐧 Pokemon and name it Kissa. It’s movesets would include Kissjab, Smoochshot, and a quick charge move of Snuggles or Daydream.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are you hoping to gain out of this year (goal wise), and are you working on anything that you would like people to know about?


*Bachelor’s Degree
*2019 calendar
*gaming channel
*licensing more art
*acting (official acting trailer now live online)
*getting my professional website back up
*pure inner happiness


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Kissa!



~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Kissa Gwendolyn: Instagram

Constantine Photos (photographer)Facebook – Instagram


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