Model Kiti Gunn Cuddles Up With A Snake In New Selfie Flick

kiti selfieInternet Hollywood’s 7th top headlining model is capturing the attention of our reporters after uploading a cozy picture with what appears to be norm ball python. The picture displays the beautiful Kiti motionless with her eyes closed while the snake finds its way up her shirt and onto her face.  The growing Internet Hollywood celebrity also shared that the snake belonged to a neighbor and she wasn’t sure how old it was. Kiti has finally brought her silence to an end and have recently shared with Prince Vega that she will be returning back to modeling and will soon involve herself in more photo shoots. Our beautiful Kiti is one of the very few elder members of our committee that was brought on board of the ProjectXPlatinum organization by Co-founder Isabel Vinson. Despite the growing challenges that lies ahead, the recent charts still show that elder members have a major advantage because of the enormous amount of headlines. Kiti Gunn’s power behind headlining in the past secured her the number #7  spot in our beginning round up later last month when the private floor committee of thirteen voted on the top models. Kiti Gunn’s long silence didn’t affect her position on the charts which shows Kiti Gunn is still a thriving force in our universe.

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