Model Krista Nicole Joins Internet Hollywood – Teams Up With Photographer Schon-Ray Joseph

krista new 4Model Krista Nicole is holding onto our digital world with a grip that forces us to feel her power from all angles. The modeling goddess is as hot as they come and now our reporters are feeling the heat! Krista recently teamed with Internet Hollywood model Priya to pull off an absolutely amazing photo shoot with photographer Joe Harary. The collection of photos has been receiving a huge amount of positive feed back since it’s release this month. It isn’t hard for friends on her list to spot the tagged photos with an enormous amount of likes somewhere on their Facebook wall when scrolling down the news feed. Krista has manage to keep her supporters entertained with dozens of pictures that would twist your mind into finding reasons to want to see more of her. Her glamorous smile could be found all over her profile album with photos that’ll dig into your subconscious mind. One can’t help but imagine themselves being involved with every photo that makes her skill in modeling so unique. Her way of posing shows her incredible fit body in a way every man would wants it. Her ability to sell the fantasy through a photo shoot is just as perfect as her sweet personality. Thanks to photographer Schon-Ray Joseph, we all are finally seeing Krista put her body to work in a dress that looks magnificent on her. The curly head Internet Hollywood superstar recently shared photos Schon-Ray published on his photographer page back in January, leaving our reporters to stumble across it later on to share it. Schon-Ray is an amazing photographer with a unique gift that very little share when they aren’t aware how to use it. He’s a known face to a lot of ProjectXPlatinum models that collaborated with him over the years. We are extremely grateful to consider these two Internet Hollywood celebrities that we predict will make an huge impact in our digital world in the future. Welcome to our universe Krista Nicole!!!

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