Model Kristle Kiss Welcomes Rubia & Keyanna Banks: “Don’t Let The Industry Change You”


Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood celebrities all over the world are opening their arms to welcome Keyanna & Rubia Banks to our digital universe with some advice as they begin their model journey as our newest celebrities. Connecticut model Kristle Kiss is the first to take the time out to express some very useful advice for our new beautiful models that are slowly gaining the attention of dozens of our celebrities.

“Always stay true to yourselves and don’t let the industry change you in a negative manner.”

Connecticut Models Rubia Banks and Keyanna was recruited personally by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega after discovering their pages while browsing through the “People You May Know” section on Facebook. The gorgeous photo of Kristle was took by an amazing photographer by the name of David Brazier. You can show them support to both of the new models by following their new fan pages below!

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