Model Lady Jayn gets published on the front cover Tattoo Magazine’s August/September issue!

Models – Independent Massachusetts model Lady Jayn has been doing a lot of celebrating and if you were in her shoes you would be celebrating as well. The model was recently published on the front cover of Tattoo Magazine’s August/September issue that is currently in stores right now. I learned of the news when Lady Jayn filled me in during a conversation we were having over messenger about the latest things she was working on with modeling. The model has been really silent in the independent modeling field, so I felt the need to check in with her to see if she planned on returning only to find out she returned with a bang.


Lady Jayn filled me on her front cover take over with Kev Cool Photography who took the beautiful picture of her. She explained to me how Kev put her on to the thought of being published and told her it would be a waiting game, which lasted three months. She said  After a few months, he got contacted by them and was told they were going to use the photos they took, so he called her to fill her in on the details.  She also explained:


” One night I couldn’t sleep so I checked my email (after months of checking multiple time a day, I gave up looking all the time ) and I had received an email from them. BUT in the email they told me they were on a time limit and I needed to get back to them asap. But of course this email arrived 3 days earlier! I panicked. I thought I blew it. I emailed them right then with my avaliblity for an interview. The next morning I heard back from them and thankfully it wasn’t to late. We did my interview with the nicest lady ever Michelle McCarthy. She told me it would be in the August/September issue. Then it basically went back to waiting.”


She continued:


” I thought I was just going to be like a small photo in the corner somewhere. Until I was in the grocery store and I got tagged in a post from a photographer who I had shot with a while ago, whom I love, taking about how I was on the cover of the magazine (he subscribed so he say it before it was realised) I had no idea what he was talking about. Then my phone went off again and it was Kev the photographer I shot with for the magazine and it he was asking the same question. Was it on the cover ? He was not told either lol. A friend of the person who tagged me in the original post saw my confusion and send I photo of their copy to me. I screamed. It was crazy”


I have been connected with Lady Jayn through Facebook for years and published an interview we did together in March.  We discussed her taking a break from modeling to get married, being a model and photographer, models she wanted to shoot and more. Seeing her get a magazine publication is very exciting to me because I know she is one of the people that deserve it and Kev Cool’s amazing photography work never falls short of being stunning. I hope to see more work from both of them in the future!




Lady Jayn: Facebook

Kev Cool: Instagram

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