Model Lady Jayn talks taking a break from modeling to get married, being a model and photographer, models she’d like to shoot, her tattoos and more!

Beyond The Lens – It’s been a long while since I chatted with independent Massachusetts model Lady Jayn. I been connected with Jayn through Facebook for years and had kept tabs on her hard work in the past and she always delivered good content with, talented photographers, like Kev Cool.


I got in touch with Jayn over messenger and asked her if she would like to do an interview and she was for it. I then sent her a couple of questions for her to answer then she answered each one then sent it back after. I hope you enjoy reading them!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Lady Jayn*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Jess!? It has been forever since we talked and we been connected on Facebook for years! I hope everything has been great with you. I have been hoping to get an interview with you going and I’m happy I could finally do one now. How has 2018 been going for you so far?


Jayn: Hi there, everything has really been great this year so far. I’m working on furthering my modeling career with some really exciting new work coming out for the summer.


Internet Hollywood: What’s pretty awesome about you is that you are a model and a photographer. Which of the two did you grow to love first and what motivated you to pursue the other after?


Jayn: What’s funny is I always loved modeling ever since I was little and saw Cindy Crawford for the first time. But growing up and being a ridiculously awkward teenager (with an eating disorder) made my dream seem so far away. So I got into photography as kind of a way to feel in the business but not in front of the camera. I got my bachelor’s degree in photography and loved every minute of it. It wasn’t till after I graduated college that I started modeling.


Internet Hollywood: I honestly haven’t seen new photos of you from modeling in a while. Are you currently taking a break from modeling, coming back to modeling, or you never really left?


Jayn: So your definitely right, I haven’t been modeling as much as I’d like to. I’ve been working on buying a house and getting married so I’ve been super crazy busy but this summer I’m really hoping to have a bit more free time and start back up with full force


Intenet Hollywood: What theme works best for you when it comes to photo shoots and is there any theme you won’t do?


Jayn: When it comes to what kind of shoots I do, I usually fall more into an alternative category seeing that I’m heavily tattooed. I like doing the alternative or horror work but I also love doing boudoir. I seem to do a lot of that as well but I am trying to get away from nude work. I love what I do and I’d never be ashamed of anything I’ve done in any way but I just am trying to be a little less like BAM here I am! Lol.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any models that you would like to shoot with your camera?


Jayn: As for models I’d like to work with, I’d love to shoot with my good friend Amelia wolf she’s amazing and we have been trying to plan something for a while but our schedules never seem to match. If you mean me being the photographer then I’d love to work with so many amazing models I’ve met I the industry. I’ve become friends with so many beautiful women I’d be honored to work with any of them


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in photographers that you would like to work with, and is there any photographers out now that you would like to work with?


Jayn: Oh my goodness. I’ve definitely had my eye on a few photographers I’d love to work with. One being Evan Kane! I’m so obsessed with his work but he’s out in Vegas I believe and that’s a bit far for me. There are some more local photographers I do plan on collaborating with soon. What do I look for in a photographer? Hmm well, mainly a stunning portfolio. If I like your work then i usually want to work with you. I also look for professionalism, I do a lot of work that I’m not fully dressed in and if I feel like it’s getting a bit sketchy, I’m out. I don’t want to hear remarks about my body or have inappropriate gestures. I’m a professional so I expect who I’m working with to also be. I also need someone who I can have fun with and isn’t just like “oh move here, do this” I like to be goofy have a good time while I’m in the studio. It just needs to feel like friends hanging out not like work.


Internet Hollywood: Last question: You have some pretty colorful art on your skin! I may have three personal questions for this one; How many tattoos do you have? Which tattoo hurt the most when you got it? Is there a set cap on how many you’d get?


Jayn: I love my tattoos!!! I think I have 10 maybe all together but they are big pieces so it’s kind of hard to count. Like I have a full sleeve and half my side done so I’m not sure how to count it lol. The worst pain? that’s hard because all of them sucked. I think my feet or my rib cage were probably the worst. I never cried though! I wanted to but I held it together. Will I get more? Omg absolutely! I already have so many ideas for more. I have some pretty heavy scaring on my chest from surgery that I’m having covered soon and I’m so excited to be able to decorate it rather than continuing to look like Frankenstein lol My main goal is to marry the man I love more than anything and to finally buy our new home but it’s also to get back into modeling a lot more. I miss it like crazy and I think this year has a lot to come. I’m not sure if March will hold any of those goals but I’m going to put my all into It!


Internet Hollywood (Question 8): Last question; what is your main goal for 2018 now that we’re in the month of March?


Jayn: My main goal is to marry the man I love more than anything and to finally buy our new home but it’s also to get back into modeling a lot more. I miss it like crazy and I think this year has a lot to come. I’m not sure if march will hold any of those goals but I’m going to put my all into It!


Internet Hollywood: It was good talking with you again Jayn. Thank you for the interview!



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