Model Leah Divine models in Sydnee Kydnee’s new ballet and boudoir style lingerie in her new photo shoot with John Jiles

Photoshoots – Leah Divine – Model has added a new photoshoot to her long list of hard work that could be seen all over her social media pages. The model recently collaborated with designer Sydnee Kydnee and photographer John Jiles in a private photo shoot that shows the model posing in four outfits at an Air B&B. She described the photo shoot as “laid back” and stated that she felt the outfits looked good on her body and felt awesome wearing it. The photo shoot was originally two hours long but ended up being one hour after Leah Divine and Sydnee knocked it out of the park quickly. She said the remaining hour was left for them to hang out with each other.


Leah told me that Sydnee Kydnee reached out to her over Facebook and asked if she would like to do the private photo shoot with some of her new designs and she accepted. After confessing that she was nervous, she put her faith in her ability to strike good poses to do the photoshoot and that lit the fuel that made her do it. She considers this her comeback shoot after dealing with personal issues that I will not speak on in this story. But it’s good to see her putting work in the modeling field again after her absence.


I learned of the photo shoot through messenger after I asked if she would like me to write about anything that she had going on. She kindly opened up about the photo shoot and gave me all of the information I needed to write a small story about it for everyone to read. This is Leah’s very first publication in Internet Hollywood and as she continues her modeling journey, I’m sure more stories will be coming out in the future.


I attached a couple of the photos John Jiles took to this story for you to check out. You could check out more of their work on by clicking on the highlighted links posted next to her name below. I was told Sydnee Kydnee doesn’t have a page for her designs yet so I don’t have a link for her. If that changes I will modify this story and add it to the credentials.  Don’t forget to click follow on their pages to stay updated on all the latest things Leah and John has going on!




Leah Divine – Model: Facebook –  Instagram

John Jiles: Instagram


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