Model Lex Yian reveals her upcoming body painting shoot, what sparked her love for modeling, who opposed it and more!

Interviews – Model Lex Yian is giving us a small piece of her mind in a short interview we did that consist of 5 questions. I recently pursued the surprise interview after the model linked herself to a status I posted for all upcoming talent to post their links. I’ve been following Lex Yian and told her I’m a new fan of her work personally. I asked her a few questions to a little taste of her lifestyle from beyond the camera!


Vega: What’s up Lex!? Now I’m recently excited to be interview you because you made your first publication in Internet Hollywood last month for a shoot you did with Lauren Farrington. How did you end up getting involved in the group shoot with Isabel Vinson, Anafia Rose, Antonia Dufort, Lizzy Dunraven, Austin Lee Ielpi and Rayanne?


Yian: I met Isabel at her birthday shoot last year through an old mutual friend. Izzy ended up introducing me to everyone!


Vega: How did your friends and relatives react when they understood modeling was something you was serious about pursuing?


Yian: My close family kind of expected it. I’ve always been into self expression and been my own character. I have some family from the south that opposes it, but I refuse to let anyone bring me down!


Vega: Who was the person that talked you into doing your very first photo shoot? And how did it go?


Yian: An old friend got me into my first shoot. I was really nervous. But it really sparked my love for modeling.


Vega: Who are some people coming up like you that you really want to work with?


Yian: honestly I’ve worked with so many of my dream photographers already. But I’m excited to meet new people and make some art.


Vega: What are some projects you have coming up that you could let everyone know about now?


Yian: I have some body painting shoots and lots of shibari & ropework coming up!!!!


That wraps up my small interview with Yian. I’m hoping to make our interview longer so I could try to get longer answers from her. We ended the interview on good strengths and I’m glad to finally share her answers with you. The 22-year-old model will also be appearing at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. This is her second time being featured on



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