Model Lonnie Alex Gets Sexy For Evo 2016, Dresses Up Like Mario From Super Mario Bros.

lonnie alex  super marioPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood Las Vegas Model Lonnie Alex is an all time favorite in Internet Hollywood and this is one of the reasons why. The gorgeous sweet???? published an irresistibly hot touch up of her dressed up as Mario with plans of heading to Evo 2016. The model said she was inspired enough to do the touch up although she wasn’t sure if she was going.

“With Evo coming up this weekend I was inspired to touch up my Mario Cosplay. (Evo, if you’re not aware, is a major fighting game tournament.) Not sure I’ll be able to attend the event with my work schedule though. Maybe…”

Although her Eva 2016 appearance remains questionable, she always knows how to make the best out of a situation and has made well deserved progress because of her decisions. Earlier this month she published a new photo with a caption that informed her social media followers that she was preparing for her Broadway rehearsal. “Finally going to my first Wiz reheresal today! Super excited!”


Alex also teamed up with Adrenaline Studios to voice act in a video game titled “Read Only Memories” back in May. The model announced she was a voice actress in the game and shouted out all the people that were involved in the new project.

Alex previous status:

“Today I can officially call myself a Voice Actress!! Had an amazing time atAdrenaline Studios recording for the video game Read Only Memories (PC/PS4)!!! I’d like to thankAdam Harrington Voice Actor (Voice of League of Legends’ Shaco, Ryze, Kassadin, Mordekaiser, and Karthus) for being so helpful and supportive this whole processs. I’d also like to thank Bob Colasuonno and Todd Bridges for the hook up! <3 You guys rock!! I’m so hype right now!”

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