Model Lonnie Alex Keeps It Sexy During Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Models’ Billboard Battle

lon lonLonnie Alex status remains unknown on our international billboards, but that doesn’t change the world of social media. The model has been keeping her fans occupied with new photo shoots and behind the scenes photos with Plus Nine Lives. Not much is to be known about the new project because of the limited information, but as soon as it’s available we’ll let you know. It wasn’t long after that our reporters discovered Lonnie’s steamy black & white photo shoot with Brian Brown. If anything is worth your attention is Lonnie’s ability to strike a pose that’ll capture your attention. Her beautiful body aligns perfectly with the flicking lens of a camera waiting for the right moment. She has all the qualities an established model with a fan base of millions has. Her heartwarming personality creates the doors that’ll open our mind up to the thought of how amazing Lonnie is. Her potential exceeds what’s needed in alternative models that wish to expand their careers beyond the Internet. It’s safe to say that Lonnie has successfully took full advantage of the opportunities the Internet has provided for her. The model was recruited to Internet Hollywood’s powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement after Prince Vega discovered her page on a photographer’s fan page. Lonnie’s educated mind will definitely find the holes she needs to squeeze into larger positions on our billboard lineups. The committee predicts within future months Lonnie will be arguably the best upcoming model to hit the billboard charts since Isabel Vinson. Modeling is not the only thing exciting about Lonnie’s incredible gifts. Those that choose to dig will find out the adorable model loves vloging on Youtube! It’s not much to share about her vlogging life at the moment, but we hope she decides to become the first full-time vlogging celebrity in Internet Hollywood! The amazing photo of Lonnie above was took by an incredible photographer by the name of Brian Brown!

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