Model Lonnie Alex Lights Up Las Vegas, Gets Casted In Broadway Musical “The Wiz”

lonnie 1Prince Vega – One of Internet Hollywood’s most likeable models has made a big announcement on her social media page and her friends, fans, and family is loving it! The model recently took to her Facebook page to brief the world on her new accomplishment as an actor casted in the ensemble of “The Wiz” that’ll be put on by Broadway!


Facebook status:

“I am so excited to announce I have been casted in the ensemble of The Wiz which will be put on by Broadway in the Hood and performed at the SMITH CENTER!! I’m so excited! Thank you god!
While I gravitate towards film acting, there’s nothing like performing live on stage. It’s one of my favorite energies, and I’ve been wanting to get my foot back in this door for a while now! I’m so grateful to have been chosen! My artist is lit!! Show dates September 2-3!  Yayaya!”


The model has always held a warm heart for modeling although she has made it clear her first love was always acting. She has exceeded the barriers many would expect from our newer celebrities in a shockingly short amount of time. She has made a name for herself in Internet Hollywood with 14 front page stories to back her powerful momentum that has helped her outlast 86% of the models in Internet Hollywood.

Alex recently spoke on the presidential election cycle and gave an excellent response on whether she felt the elections were possibly rigged.

“The notion of complete Freedom is a contradiction in itself,” she said. “There has to be some regulation. People have different ideas on what freedom means. The phrasing to be honest is a little to broad for me to give an answer.”
Lonnie Alex is currently one of the top 10 female headliners in Internet Hollywood. She’s the only model rumored to be the first to receive a indie deal offer as soon as Prince Vega launches Internet Hollywood films!

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