Model Lonnie Alex Officially Crowned ✮Internet Hollywood Superstar✮ – Remains Unstoppable

lonnie hotterLonnie Alex’s hard work is now paying off in a way most viewers would expect after repeatedly making front page news on Internet Hollywood. Prince Vega has officially crowned the unstoppable model a superstar inside of Internet Hollywood. What does this mean? All models selected to be members of our new superstar column will represent the face of all models that’s accepted as celebrities in the future. Lonnie has dedicated herself to achieving what’s best for her career on a wide scale. She struts her goodies unlike any other, and we have every reason to enjoy it while it lasts. Anyone with a brain can sense the open mind Lonnie uses to connect to the world outside of her home. She opens her life as a model for us to embrace what makes her special inside of every photo she’s published in. Her active involvement in her modeling easily helped her gain international exposure 6 times within the last months! Lonnie’s path will lead her to multiple Internet Hollywood awards in the year 2016! Lonnie is currently the only model to have her own personal Q&A video aired live on Internet Hollywood radio! She was also published in Internet Hollywood’s second #SELFIE magazine issue back in July, making her path to Internet Hollywood’s top model billboard charts predictable in the upcoming months. The entire second floor private committee predicts that Lonnie Alex will become one of the faces of Internet Hollywood quicker than any of the 125 models recruited into Internet Hollywood around the time she officially made her debut back in October, 2014. She has been a powerful Internet Hollywood supporter that continues to help the brand grow with her absolutely adorable personality. She’s an incredible individual that deserves every piece of fame that comes out of her incredible career. The breathtaking photo of Lonnie Alex as taken by an amazing photographer by the name of Kin Cordell.


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