Model Lonnie Alex Rewarded An Entire Page In ProjectXPlatinum Magazine On March 12th!

lonnie hotModel Lonnie Alex has axed her way into fourth place in ProjectXPlatinum’s ‘Cover Girl’ contest, winning an entire page in ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine issue coming out on March 12th. It’s important that this adorable hardworking sweetheart be acknowledged for the effort she putted into gaining all the votes she needed to earn the single page spread. Among the incredible competitors were Internet Hollywood superstars Isabel Vinson, Tygeria, Andrea Anarchy and more. ProjectXPlatinum’s front page ‘cover girl’ became Tygeria after she pulled in over a thousand votes back in November! After followed Elien Vandevyvere with 958 – and Jessica Jean with 334. The highly amped contest was the very first involving any member of the powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement that is rumored to have over 300 members. Lonnie is an incredible model with a personality no money can buy. Her adorable complexion is as soft as resting sand across the Fiji islands. She deserves all the credit there is to have in being a model that takes the risk to pursue her career. We could only applaud the amazing effort she put into gaining all the votes she had to be rewarded exactly what she deserves-and that’s a spot in ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine issue! Thanks for being an amazing woman/model Lonnie!

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Photograph by Dydasco Photography

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