Model Lonnie Alex Successfully Lands Feature In Internet Hollywood Magazine’s March Issue


Prince Vega – Lonnie Alex is one of the baddest and she’s been proven that fact since her debut in Internet Hollywood back in October 2014. She has successfully conquered a feature in Internet Hollywood’s new #Selfie magazine that will be released on March 1st. The decision to include the model was decided after the model won a full page spread during a ProjectXPlatinum contest that happened back in 2014. Due to personal reasons the magazine was not released at the intended dated and has been delayed for a whole year.


3dt 2
Photoy by 3DT Productions

Although there wasn’t a magazine yet, an article from February of last year stated that Alex performed very well during her face-off with other models in the contest. After her followed a model name Elien Vandevyvere with 958 votes, and Jessica Jean with 334 votes. It was the very first time our universe was made aware of Lonnie Alex and she has been a special asset ever since.


You can easily expect Alex to perform well during her Top Model chart battle that is quickly gaining the attention of our readers. This is the 12th time she has made it on our front page with a headlining story, making her one of the fastest growing models in Internet Hollywood’s history, stated a previous report.


We are 100% positive that Lonnie Alex will debut on the Internet Hollywood top model charts at a very high rank. We are certain her performance will shake the very core of our voting committee as the release date of our magazine approaches. She is currently one of the most influential models making headlines in Internet Hollywood to this day. We would also have to credit talented photographers like 3DT for all the hard work they put into making the best out of each photo shoot. I’m sure we all can agree that it takes team work to bring art alive!


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on February 9th at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page! The amazing picture of Lonnie Alex was took by the amazing 3DT Productions! The incredible designer work was done by Tim Stover, and Michelle Limons was the beautiful gift behind the makeup work!


lonnie lonnie

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Photographer: 3DT Productions
Designer: Tim Stover
Model: Lonnie Alex
HMUA: Michelle Limon

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