Model Lotus reflects on her favorite childhood films: “I loved Courage the Cowardly dog, Samurai Jack, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Topic of the Week – Many names have came out and spoke out about their favorite childhood films and series for Internet Hollywood’s hot topic of the month. I had the great pleasure in getting independent model & dancer Lotus responses to some of our hot topic questions to learn more about the films she was into while she was growing up. Check out her responses below!


Her favorite films and television series to watch:


Lotus: I was into some weird shows as a child. Granted Powerpuff Girls wasn’t weird but other than that I loved Courage the Cowardly dog, samurai jack and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Ren and Stimpy and Ahh real monster were great shows too. I guess I thought if I could love something that was scary I would have no reason to fear it growing up.


The ones her and her friends would act out:


Lotus: Well I wasn’t HUGELY influenced by the cartoons I’ve watched but I guess you can say that I became infatuated with the idea of fear being comedic. So I guess I would have some dark humor that just grew with me. I’m terrible at jokes though I’m in between Dad Jokes and “was that too far?” Kind of person haha.


Movies that gave her nightmares: 


Lotus: Ahhhhhhhh THE GRUDGE SCARRED ME AS A CHILD. Man I couldn’t sleep for 3 days straight. I guess the idea that something ONLY YOU can see consistently stalking you until it chooses when you die is horrifying as a kid. Especially when it can be ANYWHERE!


If she was a villain or superhero what would her name and powers be?


Lotus: I would want to be either. It’s a double edge sword of responsibility to be either or. You can only call someone a villain if in your eyes what they did was bad. Also for the hero, yeah you got the bad guy and if anything you killed him…. but that’s still murder so…. besides that if I could choose a power it would be to teleport . I can go anywhere whenever. I could do what I pleases and never be restricted to a certain vicinity.


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