Model Luna Miel says she wants to open a strip club, discuss her first photo shoot, her mom being a model, having a passion for music and more

One beautiful model from the state of Connecticut is giving us a moment worth remember! Luna Miel is getting her first one-on-one with me for InternetHollywood.


I had the pleasure in speaking with the model quite a few times before deciding to quickly jump into an interview with her. We talked about her motivation to model, whether being a mother makes it difficult, her first photo shoot and more.  I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did last week. Check it out below!


~*~*The Interview*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Luna! It’s always fun to share an interview with an unfamiliar model in the Internet Hollywood world. There is so much talent in the world to know about and so little time to find out. How is your weekend going so far, what did you do?


Miel: Hello, i know right? lol. My weekend going great so far. I made my money, now possibly going out tonight.


Internet Hollywood: What does a “going out” mean to Luna Miel on a Saturday night?

Luna Miel: Go out to eat, possibly go clubbing out, strip club, even go to the Connecticut river and just sit there and talk to friends if not sit there and think.
Internet Hollywood: Now many people are unaware that your an upcoming model. What made you want to get your foot into the modeling field even with all the competition that is out? What really motivated you?
Luna Miel: Well my mom use to be a model, so I enjoyed seeing her do her make up and dress up with so much confidence. I like that …so knowing that she can do it I know I can as well. I know there is so many beautiful women to compete with but that will definitely not stop me for following my dreams. My 2 boys motivate me every day to get up and make today a better day.
Internet Hollywood: How would you describe the feeling of doing your first photo shoot? How did you manage to break out of that shell and pull it off, or was you well prepared with little worries?
Miel: My first photo shoot was great. I felt nervous with thousands of thoughts going threw my head but It was a great experience. My photographer was awesome. Good sense of humor, so that helped a bit. I say to my self “you got this” and block everything so it’s me and the camera.
Internet Hollywood: What are some of those thoughts, if you don’t mind sharing?
Miel: Telling my self I hope I don’t mess up and trip or something rips on the dress, or being so nervous.
Internet Hollywood: At times when you feel like giving up who do you think about to keep pushing forward?

Miel: I think about my kids.  They keep me going forward.

Internet Hollywood: Does being a mom makes it difficult to chase after your dreams and the world of modeling?
Miel: Yes at times but I make it work some how there are plenty of moms out there with kids doing it so I know I can.

Internet Hollywood: What else besides modeling strikes your interest enough to take on it as a goal?
Miel: Well my Passion is music as well. I would like to take it further and to become,  one day, an extremely good DJ. I want to go back to school for business as well. I would like to open up my own club with 3 floors, with a restaurant; first floor, hip hop, 2nd floor, a mix of everything, third would be a strip club. Something I’m considering.
Internet Hollywood: What is it the strip club atmosphere that makes young people want to go so badly. I hear many speak about attending strip clubs on weekends often.
Miel: Well I see it as art. I find it interesting how much work they put on to make a great show. Practice make perfect. Some see it differently, there just there for the girls. I go there to see them work that pole.
Internet Hollywood: What is it about music that makes you passionate about it?
Miel: The story behind the music you can relate to  and feel what the artist is feeling.
Internet Hollywood: Last question, what is your dream photo shoot?
Miel: My dream photo shoot would be in the forest. I enjoy nature, a lot the trees, birds. the waterfall, it’s perfect.
Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Luna.
Miel: No problem. thank you.
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~*~*Credits & Links*~*~
Luna Miel: Instagram
Photographer: Unknown
(the first photo above was taken at the Sappho Fashion Show)

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