Model Makeaviini fabulous walk at the IH party got her selected to walk in the Internet Hollywood fashion show on July 1st!

Connecticut model Makeaviini has a lot to celebrate now that she has been chosen to walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show. The independent model was one of the many models that took their walks to the floors of the cinema in Manchester, Connecticut with their own styles that came with flawless steps. Vega is one of the 16 models that was selected to participate in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show. Many more names will be revealed soon.


I have been keeping an eye out for future projects from Lena now that I’ve grown to learn a little more about her. She has a lot of content with a variety of styles that is so cool, especially when she does cosplay. You could check that out by checking out her page below.


Vega has been very supportive of the Internet Hollywood brand and has publicly shown that on plenty of occasions. She attended her first Internet Hollywood party in August of last year and rode the wave of the crowd like a surfer. Her walk was enjoyed by all of those that watched that evening and her steps were filled with confidence and control. She was on point.


The fashion show’s official month is now set for July 1st and will be held in Natick, Massachusetts. The event was postponed due to miscommunication with certain parties involved. It was out of my control. But now that it is under my control I have selected the month and will announce the exact day soon. Congratulations Lena!



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