Model Mari Jayne Kief discuss being a painter, starring in an independent horror film, whether she wants to stay independent or sign to agency and more!

Maine model Mari Jayne Kief is giving us all the answers we need for our questions that we asked early Monday morning. I sent the model five questions after receiving her page in the comment section on a status I wrote on Facebook.


I questioned the model about her future as an independent model, what got her into modeling, her other abilities and more. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I did doing it! I definitely look forward to write more about her in the future!


Internet Hollywood: Hey MJ! Welcome to your very first interview with Internet Hollywood. Before we get started could you give us a little history about yourself and what got you into modeling?


Kief: I got into modeling when a I was asked to do a paid group photo shoot back in 2010 with Art Koch and Eric Hovermale. I had always been told I should model so I gave it a shot. That same year I also became a spokesmodel for a local radio station 93.5 The Edge as an “Edge Girl”. About myself, I am originally from Downeast Maine from a town called Steuben. I have lived through some struggle but have overcome that through artistic pursuits, my 5 children (Mom of 2 Step mom of 3), and living life to the fullest. Im 33 years old. I hope to be a role model for other models who want to join the business. I am proof your size, your age, your color aren’t a barrier from this pursuit. Its not as easy but Its worth it if you keep at it.


Internet Hollywood: Are there other talents that you possess besides modeling? 


Kief: I am a Painter, I paint acrylics on canvas, I also custom paint or draw almost anything a customer requests. I am an actress currently starring in the Maine Independent Horror Film “The Masked Woodland Killings 777” By Director Peter McDermott II. That has been tons of fun. We have a great cast. I get to be a killer. You get dirty, covered in blood, work with great people. Its been an incredible opportunity. I am moderator for several groups on Facebook, Maine Women For Cannabis and Maine Alternative Models, My pet project that im turning into an E-zine. As you can tell my plate is pretty full these days with photo shoots in between. I also sing, cook and dance.


Internet Hollywood: Your model name is so much different from your real name. What made you chose the name Mari Jayne Kief other than your real name? 


Kief: I wanted to pick a name for more privacy. I spent a lot of time coming up with something that fit. I could have been a Beyonce or a Madonna as my name is Angelece. I chose not to because that is also my mothers name and I wanted to protect her privacy as well. I am a medical marijuana patient for PTSD. I am a marijuana activistAfter I posted my shoot with the incredible Miss Mischief I had an influx of friend requests (from 550 to 5000 in two weeks.) I was blown away. So as a pot activist I volunteered for Legalize Maine doing petitions for pot legalization. I am a staunch supporter of the plant so that is partially where my name came from (Mari). The other part is a tribute to Jayne Mansfield and a play on words with Marijuana (Mary Jane) and Kief is the powdery resinous stuff left at the bottom of your pot grinder. The word itself also mean “pleasure”.


Internet Hollywood: Do you see yourself signing to an agency or staying independent in the future?


Kief: I could see myself signing with an agency in the future if the right opportunity presents itself. I love my freelance work right now because it frees me up to work with who I choose. Doing the type of work I choose. Ive been presented a few offers. I turned them down for being to exclusive. They wouldnt let me do movies. I wanted that challenge. Its been such a game changer for me. Im glad I chose the movie. As for the future I would love to get my name out there more. Be published in a magazine. Working on an Alternative Model/Lifestyle Ezine


Internet Hollywood: What are some upcoming projects you got in store now that will be coming out in the future?


Kief: I am working on My Alternative model/lifestyle Mag. Finishing the film, More photo shoots. I have some cool ideas in the works. And maybe some new tattoos! Im also building my own website to display both my modeling and my art. Im hoping that what I do can inspire others and I hope that I can help someone boost their confidence or maybe follow their dream. It genuinely makes me happy to see others happy. Thank you for the interview. I am honored. I hope it wasnt too long winded and youre able to just get a synopsis of who I am just a little.


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Mari Jayne Kief: Facebook

Photos taken by Miss Mischief – Facebook


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