Model Maribel Tavares to attend the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th

Coming Up – One model from the state of Rhode Island will be taking a lengthy trip to light up our red carpet on August 19th. Model Maribel Tavares will be a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT. The incredibly talented model filled me in on this informations weeks before the story came out in a conversation she had.


After hearing about the event she definitely took an extra step and confirmed that she will be making an appearance at the magazine and dance party. I’ve been following Tavares work for a little while and I consider myself a fan of her work. I even went as far as letting her know how incredibly big I felt she could be in the future. If you decide to take a dig into the work she has done you will see exactly why I feel that way. I look forward to seeing her in action at the party.


She is not the only one that will be enjoying the night of our second party of the year. Photographer Constantine Manos will also be making a special appearance at the event as well. The photographer has made front page news alongside Tavares after collaborating in a photo shoot that also included Majora Images.


This Internet Hollywood party will include photo shoots, a dj, a casting call to our Fashion runway show in October, live performances, interviews /w Internet Hollywood reporters and more. Pictures we select that are submitted after the party will be feared in Internet Hollywood Magazine in October.


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