Model Maribel Tavares’s special appearance will bring a new light to the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party on August 19th!

Coming Up – Independent model Maribel Tavares will be a model worth watching out for at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. News was confirmed that the model would be making an appearance at the movie theater celebration last month. Other models have also confirmed that they will be attending as well.


Tavares light will be brought with the fact that she has been published four times in Internet Hollywood since her first publication on July the 4th. She made front page news the first two times after collaborating with photographers Constantine Manos and Majora Images. She will also be finishing her first interview with us over the weekend.


So what’s this light that I’m talking about that will make the vibe much more different at the Internet Hollywood party? Tavares is becoming one of the fastest growing models with features on Internet Hollywood in the summer. It looks like she may average around 3 to 4 stories in Internet Hollywood  per month. This mean her face will be a lot more familiar to our readers who will notice her at our future parties.


One thing I credit Tavares for is how well thought out her vision is. I’m positive that people will begin to learn more about that side of her as she continues to do the amazing job that she is doing. It’s that same kind of work that would bring the light of attention to Tavares in Internet Hollwood and beyond. She is truly a natural born star rising day by day. I look forward to seeing her chat with our reporters at the party!



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Maribel Tavares: Instagram

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