Model Maribel Taveres fabulous walk at the Internet Hollywood party got her selected to walk in the Internet Hollywood fashion show on July 1st!

Internet Hollywood – Independent Massachusetts model Maribel Tavares has crossed onto a new path in her modeling journey and it looks like her next stop is going to be one to remember. She was just chosen to be one of the 28 models that will walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in June. She learned of the news over messenger when she was contacted alongside 18 models.


Taveres’ good vibe is one to be felt and her hard work goes on and she’s been humble the entire time and nobody could say different. She’s one of the very first models that was selected to be in the fashion show. Her growing experience in the independent modeling field has grown and it showed during her audition by in August when we had the last party. She also showed support to others as they did their walks as well.


Although we cannot predict whether Tavares appearance will happen until we are confirmed on a date and location the event will happen. After that time and distance will determine whether this amazing model will make it to the event. But now that the date is here I gladly edited this story to let everyone know the date is locked and will be on July 1st in Natick, Massachusetts. I hope she does. This event will be one to remember.


The event is set to take place in Massachusetts in the month of June. The date and location will be revealed as soon as it’s locked in. This beautiful picture of Maribel Tavares was taken by Constantine.Photos.


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