Model Marisa discuss wanting to do a viking shoot, bad experiences, her first time getting into modeling and more!

Interviews – It’s been one helluva blast getting to know dozens of rising talent from all over America. Hearing their stories has made me curious about learning more about there talent and how they manage to accomplish it. I have been doing 5-question interviews since Saturday morning and I haven’t stopped since.


Another talented person that I ended up coming across is a Connecticut model by the name of Marisa. I got in touch with the model after she shared her page on a status I wrote that requested all upcoming talent post their pages in the comment section. After she left her page I later got in touch with her and we got the ball rolling. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Marisa! Thanks for taking the time out to do this very short interview with us. I always enjoy speaking with new talent that I haven’t written about before. I’m sure this will be fun. What started your journey off as a model? 


Marisa: Hi Justin, I sort of fell into modeling when I stopped by Tina’s Fine Lingerie & Swimwear in Middletown in February earlier this year to inquire about an event on Facebook I saw. When I stopped in Tina and I got to talking and not before long she was helping me try on bathing suits to wear to be a part of her calendar. From there I continued networking, made my Instagram page and quickly started getting involved in other projects.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever went through a bad experience that made you want to quit modeling? 


Marisa: I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had any bad experiences that would make me think about quitting modeling. I told myself from the beginning that if I was going to get into this industry I wouldn’t put too much pressure on myself and that it is purely for fun and enjoyment above all else and whatever happens, happens! Overall I’ve been having a great experience so far.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoot you imagined yourself being in that has not been accomplished yet? 


Marisa: I would love to do a viking/warrior theme photoshoot which, there is a very good chance that will happening soon like within the next month or so, so I’m really excited about it!


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects that you are working on now that will be out sometime in the future?


Marisa: If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise! But I can say that I do have a few different projects with local people/photographers in the works, one of which involves a collaboration with a local jewelry maker Sarahnaid Designs…Go follow her page she makes beautiful gemstone jewelry!


Internet Hollywood: Is modeling your overall goal? If so are you seeking to sign to an agency or are you staying independent?


Marisa: My life has taken so many different paths and turns in the last few years that I’m sort of just going with the flow at this point. I never ever thought I’d be modeling, it still shocks me every time that I’m actually doing this…so for now I’m staying independent. I like to do a lot of different things like photography, writing, traveling, etc. so it’s kind of a situation where like I said before whatever happens happens! Thanks Justin!


Marisa is definitely a model that I look forward to learning more about in months to come. I think her fan page is pretty cool and her work is only going to get better along the way. You could follow Marisa by clicking the lighted links posted below!



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Marisa: Facebook

Bernie MacArthur: Facebook – Instagram – Tumblr

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