Model Mary Regina: A Rising Superstar In ProjectXPlatinum Cover Girl Contest

mary editMary Regina is now a dream coming true to all our readers waiting for the next big superstar in Internet Hollywood. The weight she uses to pressure her competition is lifting the bar higher than ever before in our new contest. Mary has shown an amazing amount of effort in pulling in votes in her quest to make it as ProjectXPlatinum’s first cover girl. The issue represents the faces of our growing movement that provides equal opportunities for models all over the world regardless of their shape and size. Mary is clearly one of the very few models debuting in our universe with a lot to offer besides amazing modeling photos to stare at. Her natural ability that draws her following could be the stepping stone to a brand new adventure that could influence millions of females all over the world that wish to pursue a career as a model! Elien’s 45 votes in the ProjectXPlatinum cover girl contest is an excellent boost that have now helped her break into our universe and make front page headlines in Internet Hollywood.

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