Model Mayleena Predicted To Top Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Ten’ Model List In December!

MAYLEENA EDITMayleena is secretly breaking through the doors of our Internet Hollywood universe and that’s not surprising. Her way of delivering stunning poses in pictures is the exact way to get headlines on our front page. Mayleena shows off a face that makes men “need” and women “want” in today’s world. She have a face of a ruling goddess, and the throne that sits before her dreams is not too far away.  The growing ProjectXPlatinum superstar is now making the perfect mark to start off her reign in our universe after three members of our second floor private committee gave their predictions on who they believe will top the charts in December. Even though this headline counts as the official debut of our gorgeous Mayleena, three members feel she will still be voted into the top ten charts. The highly disputable claims remains questionable in our unpredictable committee after alternative model Carrie Madeline stole the #10 spot back in August! Mayleena holds a similar force that is strong enough to grip more than many people would expect from someone debuting in Internet Hollywood two months before the voting polls are open. The eyes behind the face of Mayleena is precious jewels waiting to be explored by our readers. Her beautiful lips is just a taste of what makes her the model that’s worth watching. The class she have perfected the art of her craft and nobody can deny that fact. We welcome our beauty Mayleena into Internet Hollywood and we wish her the best as the month of December closes in!

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