Model Mia Dolly shouts out Prince Vega: “Justin Hamlett your so inspirational and intelligent it’s insane”

Shout Outs (Internet Hollywood Radio) – Massachusetts model Mia Dolly had her ears locked on Internet Hollywood radio when she settled inside of her home after a long busy day on Tuesday. The gorgeous model was an active listener that also took the time out to shout out Prince Vega on her status while listening to the show.


“Shoutout to Internet Hollywood radio Justin Hamlett your so inspirational and intelligent it’s insane bro keep doing your thing by motivating people ❤️”

Mia Dolly has been showing support to Internet Hollywood ever since she came in contact with Prince Vega. Vega explained that he was highly interested in working with Mia Dolly in the future. The reality may be coming a whole lot sooner than we think.


You could tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking play on the radio icon on our main page every Tuesday and Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (est.).


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Photographer: Joe Harary

Miadolly: Instagram

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