Model Mikahla Sudarsky reveals that she will soon be walking in her first runway show, discusses her first photo shoot and her biggest challenges

Beyond The Lens – Texas model Mikahla Sudarsky has given us some of her time to shine some light on some much needed things to know about her career. I got in touch with the model shortly after she posted her links on a status I wrote that requested upcoming talent share their fan pages. Sudarsky was one out of many to share and receive a short 5-question interview after.


I’ve been sitting on this interview for about a month due to my busy schedule. When I found time I got an updated response from the model to bring that new fresh feeling to the story. Keep in mind the first four questions were asked in August. I honestly feel no information goes completely outdated, but it is necessary to do it at an appropriate time.


In this interview, Mikahla discuss her first photo shoot, watching America’s top model when she was younger, future projects and more. I hope you have fun reading!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Mikahl! Thank you for taking the time out to do this short interview with us. I’ve went through your page and find your work to be very intriguing to the eyes. You are doing a great job! When you were younger did you ever think you would be modeling at the age you are now?


Sudarsky: thank you for interviewing me! I appreciate your compliment immensely! When I was younger I used to watch shows such as America’s Next Top Model and would dream of becoming a model but everyone would always say ‘oh you can’t do that you are too short be more realistic with your dreams!’ and my being a height of 5’2″ I would believe them because most models are very tall. So no I didn’t see myself being where I am today.


Internet Hollywood: What was the feeling like when you did your first photo shoot?


Sudarsky: my first photoshoot where I really started thinking I could really pursue my dreams was actually senior year of high school for my mentor for senior project, I modeled for her and the pictures came out great. My first big photoshoot was in September of 2016 it was pinup with vintage cars I felt phenomenal like I could take on the world in a sense it felt great showing everyone wrong and that dreams no matter how big or small really do come true if you work for them.


Internet Hollywood: Would you say is the biggest challenge you faced while modeling independently?


Sudarsky: the biggest challenge I would have to say would be my height there aren’t a ton of opportunities for petite models (don’t get me wrong there are opportunities just not a whole lot for models on the shorter side). Runway modeling isn’t an option usually, I’m happy to say I have beat this odd as well I will be walking my first runway in November 2017.


Internet Hollywood: What is the most important thing you do to make sure you keep your focus on the goals you want to achieve?


Sudarsky: the most important thing I do would have to be believing in myself. If you aren’t your own number one fan and love yourself and be positive about yourself than how can you expect other people to do the same. Be you because everyone else is already taken.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects you are working on that will be released sometime in the future?


Sudarsky: As this month is coming to a close I am also undertaking a new endeavor. I already have a couple shoots lined up during this endeavor but the project I am most excited to be working on is walking my very first runway for the designer Sherry E Combs (TWT design wear) in the walk to remember fashion show.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Mikahla. I look forward to interviewing you more in the future!


This story is Sudarsky’s first publication on Internet Hollywood. She has shown a great deal of support us for a while and we appreciate all the love she gives us. I look forward to covering more news about her in the future. The makeup on Sudarsky’s face was done by Kiana Borth and the photography work was done by John Hege.


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Mikahla Sudarsky: Facebook

HMUA: Kiana Borth

Photographer: John Hege

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