Model MiMi Opens Her Heart To The World, Starts Consulting Blog “AskMiMi” To Help People In Need

mimi 7One of our adorable modeling sweethearts is starting to use her heartwarming skills to fill people in need with advice. Mimi has took her words to the world of social media to publicly announce that she will be consulting people in need of help. She also included contact details for those who wish to seek her enlightening advice:

“Hey! I Started a Blog Called “AskMiMi” . I Will Be Answering Questions for People who need advice with difficult Questions !. This Is Something a Friend Came to Me with and I’m Taking Full Charge and putting Out My Real Talent which is Writing And Helping People. All Questions Are Confidential and You Cn Start By Emailing Me VIA email @ and i will get back to you & PLEASE NO VULGAR AND DISGUSTING QUESTION AND THIS IS SOMETHING I AM HOPING TO FUTHER IN SO PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINES. I DONT JUDGE ANYONE !. EVERYONE IS WELCOME I JUST WANT TO HELP!”

mimi new 6MiMi is an unforgettable figure that’s entered our digital realm with a powerful aura. Her striking unique features is physically formed, spiritually guided & mentally focused. The vision she receives perceives the world from a reflecting mirror. Her way of examining pieces of life puzzles makes living worth every picture captured within our subconscious minds. She continues to thrive through times of sorrow with incredible strength that has made her nothing more than a breathtaking phenomenon. She is by far one of the most intellectual celebrities that has made heavenly floors out of our Internet Hollywood universe.

Why So Amazing?

Years ago, Mimi’s way of thinking caught the attention of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. He was so overwhelmed with her way of speaking that he decided to get the model’s take on the formation of an elite organization called the new world order. He also recommended that she considered modeling sometime in the future. What do you know? A little over a month or two ago, Mimi started uploading numerous amount of stunning photos she took from photo shoots with local photographers. She is now bringing her talent to a stage many are afraid to take on in today’s world–modeling! So how well is her modeling career going? This year she made front page news on Internet Hollywood four times and was published in Internet Hollywood’s #SELFIE magazine. Internet Hollywood’s second floor private committee predicts that she will be one of Internet Hollywood’s biggest celebrities in months to come! So what can we say? Mimi is a force unlike any other and she’s going nowhere anytime soon!

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