Model MiMi’s Hot New Photos Are Shocking The Internet!!!

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Photographer: Nom Nom Productions

Prince Vega – Mimi’s shocking photos is quickly becoming the biggest story in Internet Hollywood’s model column. The Connecticut model recently released jaw dropping photos with Nom Nom Productions on her Facebook that shows her barely covered body pressed against a wooden wall while she rested her back in a long sleeve shirt and a g-string. What followed was a storm of comments and over 357 likes! Quite a lot for a personal Facebook page huh guys?  She deserved it! Anyways, we shall move on to describe how teamwork between a model and a photographer makes the best out of each photo shoot. The last thing you would want is an unbalanced relationship that turns into an all out war because the professionalism wasn’t involved. We owe these two a great deal of credit for pulling this amazing shoot off.


mimi new 14Mimi’s vision with BeyondXSeflish has helped her lead headlining stories three times since November of last year. She’s just getting started and is already 5 top stories in! It is starting to become obvious that she may be nominated for an Internet Hollywood award in the future. She is currently the most talked about model in Internet Hollywood from the tri-state area.


It is important for established models not to underestimate Mimi because she’s just starting out. She is quickly becoming the fastest growing model in Internet Hollywood from the state of Connecticut. She’s very smart, determined, and is very conscious to what’s happening in the world and around her. She has been supporting Internet Hollywood since the beginning of its creation and has grown some positive relationships with representatives of the brand.


Our second floor private committee is already predicting that Mimi may very well land on our top models billboard charts in the month of February. She will be one of many models mentioned on Internet Hollywood Radio on January 12th.


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