Model Miss Beautiful Chaos donates to help Melissa and her husband have their wedding renewal on Sunday

Reactions (IH) –  Massachusetts model Miss Beautiful Chaos just donated to help Melissa of MCM Photography raise funds for her wedding renewal that’s booked for this Sunday. The four-time published Internet Hollywood sensation showed her support by sharing the Gofundme page before taking the time out to donate some of her own money as well. She also left a note on the Gofundme page that reads: “Wish there was more I could do ❤️ Sending hugs.”


Melissa encountered these troubles after her credit card was stolen. The situation is currently under investigation and it may take up 30 days to reverse the damages that has been done. The photographer wrote a very touching paragraph on her Gofundme page that now has been shared by dozens of people in the Internet Hollywood universe.


“I have literally had to ask for help only ONCE before and this time I am in absolute dire straits, I have THREE days to make the final payment for my vow renewal and the credit card that was going to be used was stolen and will take 30 days to fully investigate and reverse the damages. Jeremy and i had set this up a few days ago. We are about 1600 short to pay by Sunday, so any donation, large, small or whatever to help us would be appreciated. I also have TWO Nikon lenses for sale $400 takes both of them. Please, I have spent two hours in tears and trying to find my miracle.”  – Melissa of MCM Photography


Since the launch of her campaign she is now getting closer to fulfilling her dreams of having her dream wedding this Sunday. If you would like to show your support by donating please click the highlighted link below.


Chaos is a very active Internet Hollywood sensation. She was published four times and was sent an invitation to co-host Internet Hollywood’s first party at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd. She was a reporter that also hosted the event with Connecticut model MiMi





Instagram: Miss.Beautifulchaos

Facebook: Beautifulchaosmodel


Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography

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