Model Miss Jailynn Gives Obamacare The Boot; Says She Believes Obamacare Is A Complete Failure

jailynnRecently our headlines shattered with breaking news from the alternative media world about a new song called “Conquerors” that was released to the public. The strong remarks following the second verse included Prince Vega repeatedly taking jabs at government corruption and Obamacare. The way of expressing himself lyrically isn’t a surprise to the majority of his freedom movement followers that supports the message regardless of how aggressive it may sound.  Prince Vega released an aggressive song before called “The Mask” that greatly details the experience of individuals selling their souls as entertainers under the control of their handlers while under the influence of cocaine and liquor. The surrounding support has not only increased, but expanded our binoculars to see a more conscious world with people all over that is not afraid to speak publicly about how they feel! The adorable Miss Jailyn has stepped on the stone of opportunity to push herself to higher position and now that she’s there, she isn’t coming down. The active celebrity is now rocking our headlines again with her thoughts on a brand new topic that is now catching the attention of the Internet Hollywood Universe.


Jailynn Thoughts on Obamacare:

“I firmly believe that Obamacare is a complete failure, mostly to everyone it should help and protect. Most Americans can’t afford health coverage even without pre-existing conditions. And the fact that people are being fined if they do not follow the “rules” and invest in insurance is beyond ridiculous! Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. Obamacare was set into place to help, well who does it help? Sure doesn’t help any of the the working man/woman I know. The government should be ashamed of itself, but then again those folks running everything and making decisions can afford coverage and have coverage because of the job they hold. So if it doesn’t directly affect their life it clearly doesn’t matter.”

Jailynn is also known to the committee floor for headlining in a triple threat battle on with models Blu Jess & Sandi. The article analyzed the characteristics from a fan point of view before drawing the comparisons that makes the three models in some way similar by their passion for modeling alone. Miss Jailynn is one of the original members from ProjectXPlatinum that was recruited one month after the official launch back in January!



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