Model Miss Jailynn On The Verge Of Becoming The #1 Model In Internet Hollywood

miss jailynn editModel Miss Jailynn is again making headlines in our universe for another astounding shoot. The ProjectXPlatinum superstar recently teamed up Andrew Shanley Photography to pull off an amazing bathroom shot that is now front page news on Internet Hollywood. The tatted up beauty pie has secured a taste on our billboard charts that will leave our readers wanting a bite for a very long time. Our latest lineup involving the rank of each model voted into our top ten charts shows our Miss Jailynn at #5. The powerful headlines following stories about current events with model Cristal Catalina is one of the biggest reasons both models managed to easily dominate the charts back in June/July. The energy building with Miss Jailynn’s passion shows a huge amount of progress made from the building momentum that’s refusing to stop. Andrew Shanley’s amazing work combined with Miss Jailynn’s unique ability to hold onto a pose creates the magic out of real team work.  If Miss Jailynn continues to capture the attention of our committee at this rate she could very well end up being the #1 model in Internet Hollywood by December.

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