Model Natasha Bukley Joins Internet Hollywood – Officially Our Newest ✮Superstar✮

NATALIA NEW 1Prince Vega – Natasha Bukley is finding a golden path in her model journey and Internet Hollywood will be in range when she makes a huge impact in the following months to come. As the Internet Hollywood Awards approach in the year 2016 the challenge will become stiffer for newer models to receive nominations. Beautiful talented models like Natasha will lead the new era of models that will thrive off the energy they put in themselves to make their career permanent.

Natasha’s breathtaking beauty will bring the best out of each photo she takes from shoots she executes with amazing photographers like Louis David. We are honored to share this dazzling photo that has swept Internet Hollywood reporters off their heels. Louis has provided all that was needed from a photographer to bring this amazing masterpiece to life. The level of brilliance that comes with Natasha’s remarkable pose is one to hold for the books.

It won’t be easy to predict where this path will lead Bukley as stiffer competition approaches in the upcoming weeks. We are certain she will be one of the best to dominate her goals and succeed in whatever lies ahead on her road to success.

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