Model Natsumi Takes On ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contest – Enters Internet Hollywood!

natsumi editModel Natsumi is something to talk about on our front page headlines after our reporters discovered she pulled in over 100 votes in ProjectXPlatinum’s first cover girl contest. The undeniably strong vibe that comes with her effort is now being noticed by the most active independent industry – ProjectXPlatinum. One must admire Natsumi’s courage after entering this contest knowing that she will be facing other beautiful models. The most beautiful thing is understanding how much it takes for a woman to push harder even when it feels like a struggle is ahead. Natsumi possess the knowledge to unlock instincts within her mind that allows her to identify when a perfect opportunity is present. When finding the magic hidden inside of her love for modeling you’ll discover not many females will reach the conscious stage she is on. Her ability to keep herself still when engaging in modeling shoots is unrealistic when imagining how stunning it is in our minds. Natsumi’s dedication provides a comforting feel I’m sure most photographers would love when shooting with her. After staring into her glistening eyes it’s hard not to unravel the gift inside her incredible body. We are truly grateful to have someone like Natsumi participate in the ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ contest. She is now our newest Internet Hollywood celebrity!


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