Model Niki Vega Remains A Favorite In Internet Hollywood – Voted #8 Biggest Model

niki vModel Niki Vega is now Internet Hollywood’s 8th most talked about model! According to our second floor private committee, Niki’s popularity following her debut earlier this week provided the energy it needed to break into our international billboard charts within weeks. Niki has easily made her name one to remember after receiving dozens of shout outs during Internet Hollywood Radio in previous iHollywood radio shows. Although her appearance in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine remains questionable, Niki’s relevance remains top notch when it comes to our billboard charts. The brown skinned angel fly has opened her wings across our universe and took us on an unforgettable journey that will lead to future Internet Hollywood awards. Niki’s known for being a strong, independent woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. It wasn’t long before the model joked about being single for not changing who she was for a man. Not to long after the model officially became an Internet Hollywood celebrity. Earlier reports revealed that it took a little over a year for an Internet Hollywood representative to get Niki Vega involved with our powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement. We’ve learned of her potential to be a leading face in our digital industry after receiving 12 of 13 committee votes back in March. Our second floor committee also predicts that the model will be a strong competitor on the billboard charts in months to come, and this headline alone proves that. So how much does it take to be #1? Internet Hollywood’s leading figures in our international universe has earned an incredible amount of support based on their hard work alone. Models Tygeria, Jessy Erinn, and Isabel Vinson were once offered their own Internet Hollywood radio show, clothing line, and has been on Internet Hollywood’s front page headlines over 7 times! We applaud are amazing Niki Vega for all the amazing she has done, and we want to congratulate her on being our 8th biggest model! The awesome photo above was took by an amazing photographer by the name of Antero from AMBphotography.

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