Model Nikki Doll Face shows off her dress for Cantera Image at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show!

IH Fashion Show – Nikki Doll Face was a sight to see at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. She was one of the models that made an appearance at the Natick Elks Lodge to represent for Keturah Jazmyne’s fashion brand Eccentric Chic Designs. This picture shows the independent model posing for photographer Manny Rude of Cantera Image sometime after the fashion show. Nikki took to the Internet Hollywood backdrop after changing up her wardrobe by Eccentric Chic Designs and decided to unwhine in the presence of the cameras that captured her that evening. She was picked to a be a model for Eccentric Chic Designs months before the event occurred. She has been published in Internet Hollywood multiple times since the news came out that she was going to be n the fashion show. When the time came from her to do her thing she showed off and slayed!



This news came from our Instagram page @internethollywood


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

MUA: C’Michelle
Hairstylist: Emdira
Photographer: Cantera Image

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