Model NilkaDeTorres returns with a new photo shoot with Pixel Shop Studio!

Photo Shoots – Independent Massachusetts model NilkaDeTores is back planting the seeds to her career in the independent field of modeling and she is slowly blossoming again. The model recently published photos from her photo shoot with Alex Rivera and Jesus Diaz of Pixel Shop Studio on her social media pages and received a huge reaction from her following and it all was positive. Shortly after, I got in touch with NilkaDeTorres to get the inside scoop on the photo shoot and she filled me in on everything I needed to know.


She told me the photoshoot took place in the south of the Springfield, Massachusetts area around where MGM new casino is located and she actually works with the photographer on a daily basis in her everyday work life. Here’s what she said:

“Behind the scenes of the photo shoot you can appreciate the beautiful entrance of one old story building on an ali way in the area. We both decided to collaborate together ironically. We met at work. We started to work at the same time. And working together we were talking about things we do outside work and that’s when everything click!! I expressed the I Model. And he was a professional photographer! From then on we set up a photoshoot and that’s the result of it!!!the shooting last it around two and half hour and got pretty good shoot’s from them. He and his partner did amazing we had fun while doing it!!!!”

Nilka was away from modeling for a while before breaking her silence with brand new photos from a photo shoot she did with Raven Macabre Photography. It’s clear that she has made her official return to the independent world of modeling and she’s going at it like never before. Pixel Shop Studio did an excellent job!




Pixel Shop Studio: Instagram

NilkaDeTorres: Instagram

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