Model NycyNinja discuss wanting to redefine the “modeling type”, whether the Internet made it easier for models or worse, future projects and more!

Interviews – Many new talent has been finding their way into Internet Hollywood’s front page with all of their their latest news since the beginning of this weekend. So far new interviews has came out featuring models Elvira, Lex Yian, Sabrina, female rapper Niki Ellis and fashion designer Noemi Torress. As the day goes on, more stories will be getting published involving upcoming talent.


Another rising talent that has granted us the green light to interview her is model NycyNinja. I got in touch with the Massachusetts model after she posted her fan page on a status I wrote asking for upcoming talent to post their links. I sent her five simple questions to get a little information on her career experience. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey NycyNinja! This is our very first time touching down on an interview! It is always a blessing having new talent like you sit on our hot seat for a day. Haha. Before we start, I would love for you to explain a little bit about who you are and where your from?


NycNinja: Hello! Thank you for having for me. It’s an honor to be here. I’m a freelance model specializing in nude, glamor and alternative modeling. I’m from a little city in Western Massachusetts called Pittsfield.


Internet Hollywood: What is it about modeling that makes you want to continuously do it?


NycNinja: Not only do I love how modeling makes me feel and boosts my confidence, I want to be help redefine the “modeling type” and show people that you can still feel and look beautiful with self harm scars and stretch marks. When I started out, it was just a simple hobby with my photographer ex-boyfriend to help him further his career but the more I work with new photographers and the more people that believe in me, I feel like this could really be a great side job for me. My real passion is accounting.



Internet Hollywood: Do you feel things are more easier for models now that the internet is here, or do you feel the Internet has kinda ruined it for the real models?


NycNinja: The Internet has its ups and downs so you need to find how to make it work for you. I feel it’s made finding and contacting people to work with easier as well as sharing your work and submitting to magazines. However with more exposure you get more criticism and competition. It all depends on how you let it affect you.


Internet Hollywood: What made you choose the name NycyNinja?


NycNinja: NycyNinja was a nickname given to me back in my school days that just kinda stuck. I’ve used it for everything from email and gaming to Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. It was the obvious choice for my modeling name.


Internet Hollywood– What are some plans that you got in store for the future that everyone could look out for?


NycNinja: I’m taking a break for the summer to have fun with my son but Im working on plans for some fabulous magazine submissions and a few personal shoots that’ll be sure to intrigue you all in the Fall. So stay tuned!


NycNinja has been on Internet Hollywood’s radar for a little about two months and she won’t be leaving it anytime soon. She recently nailed a photo shoot with Geoffrey Coelho Photography and I couldn’t resist the temptation in sharing some of them in this story. I look forward to seeing what NycNinja got in store for her career in the future!


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