Model Raven Ashley discuss wanting to do high fashion type shoots, friendships with photographers, model Isabel Vinson helping her establish connections, what’s next and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts model Raven Ashley opened up to us in a recent interview we recently wrapped up over the week on messenger. I have been reaching out to the model for a little while now and was finally able to get some information on what is currently going on in her career as an independent model.


Ashley has been showing a lot of support to Internet Hollywood since we been connected through our social networks and has been published on Internet Hollywood four times since her first publication in March 2017.  I have always been interested in supporting Ashley’s career and I will be interviewing her more in the future.


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Raven Martin*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Raven!? Welcome back to the creative fortress. lol. It’s always nice to cross paths with another talent that attempts to take on her goals head-on. How has everything been going so far this year?


Ashley: Everything has been pretty great so far this year. I had a couple of shoots so far that were awesome.


Internet Hollywood: You have always expressed yourself in an artistic way in photoshoots in the past. I’ve seen you cover a few themes over the last year as well. Do you plan on switching anything up and trying other things this year?


Ashley: I’m always looking to switch things up. I want to do more high fashion type shoots rather than themed shoot like I’ve done. I still want to do those but I want to branch out a bit. I’m hoping to eventually get into runway work. I also have been dabbling in dressmaking. I’ve completed one dress which I shot with Constantine. I’m working on another dress which I’m hoping to shoot in this spring.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure there has been plenty of ups and downs along your way in the independent modeling journey. What has been keeping you on top of your game for as long as you been doing it?


Ashley: Definitely the friendships I’ve made with photographers helps. My husband is a huge supporter of mine. I love modeling; it allows me to be creative and there is still so much to learn.

Internet Hollywood: When did the thought of modeling set the torch that made you want to do it and what were the very first steps you took to get started?


Ashley: When I was younger I watched America’s Next Top Model and loved the fashion and the traveling that comes along with it. I never really had good self-esteem being bullied most of my childhood. It wasn’t until high school that I started building courage and not caring what people thought of me. I found who my real friends were and that helped build my self-esteem. A few years ago I reconnected with an aunt and she is a photographer, we got talking about getting me started and here we are.


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it to establish the connections you currently have now?


Ashley: In the beginning, it was trial and error making connections. Isabel really helped with that. She is a great person to connect with, especially with the group shoots she coordinates. After that, I started finding local photographers and making connections on my own or through other photographers.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people that you would like to work with?


Ashley: I really like and feel comfortable with the photographers I have made connections with. I’m not sure if anyone new off the top of my head but I’m definitely interested in networking with new people this year.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Are you currently working on any projects right now?


Ashley: So far I’m working on a dress for the spring, but I have a few ideas I’m still working on details for future shoots.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Raven!


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