Model Ravishing Virgo reveals her three favorite models, discuss developing connections with photographers, future photo shoots, her favorite football team and more

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts model Ravishing Virgo gave us the time to wrap up an interview we were working on since yesterday. The model was contacted earlier in the day by us and was asked if she’d like to do an interview. The interview consisted of eight questions and went deeper into the behind the scenes life of the independent model.


Virgo discussed what made her want to get into modeling, future photo shoots, Developing connections with photographers, her photo shoot with Constantine Manos and more. I definitely had fun interviewing her. I hope you enjoy reading!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Ravishing Virgo*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Well isn’t it the beautiful Ravishing Virgo? I’m pleased to share this moment with you. You’ve been really supportive to Internet Hollywood and that means the world to me. Now many people don’t know that this isn’t our first interview. We have quite a few in the past actually. However, this is the first one about you. So with that being said, please let our readers know who you are and what you do?


Virgo: Hello Internet Hollywood thank you for the interview, I am a Massachsuetts model named Ravishing Virgo. I’m originally from New Hampshire moved to Massachusetts in 2007. I do animal training as my maine job and absolutely love it.


Internet Hollywood: What is it about modeling that makes you want to do it as a career?


Virgo: I would love to do modeling as a career because I find it empowering for others and especially for myself. I use to be very self conscious and have low self esteem due to bullying when I was younger so modeling has helped me be stronger with my inner self. So id love to make it a career to help other models with the same issues.


Internet Hollywood: You recently did a photo shoot with Constantine Manos in a Patriots bathrobe. Are you a Patriots fan?


Virgo: Yes, I am a very big patriots fan. My dad got me into it when I was younger. It was must lol.


Internet Hollywood: Are there anymore photo shoots that’s in the works for the future?


Virgo: Yes, I have an exciting shoot planned but it’s a secret for right now lol


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it for you to develop the connections you have with photographers? 


Virgo: Not as hard as I would have thought. I usually make sure i’m friends on Facebook with them for awhile. Also it helps if I know they have worked or know 3 of my favorite models, Hannah, Isabel, and Karissa.


Internet Hollywood: How often does the thought of giving up modeling come up and what helps you get through those kind of emotions?


Virgo: I’ve thought about it often because my parents aren’t a huge fan of it. Only because of the horror stories and me doing boudoir. Giving up modeling would be sad and hard but if I had to I’d be okay with it because I know it’s gotten me through my hardest times and made me who I am today.


Internet Hollywood: Could you see yourself doing anything other than modeling?


Virgo: I can, I’m actually an animal trainer. I have my own business in it. It’s so very rewarding and fun.


Internet Hollywood: Last Question: when people look at you what do you want them to see?


Virgo: I would love them to see an inspirational person as well as a positive girl. Also someone who loves animals and never gives up on them or people she loves.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview!


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