Model Ravishing Virgo talks teen suicide and Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, says her favorite is “Once Upon A Time” and “The 100”

Topic Of The Week – Massachusetts model Ravishing Virgo is opening up to our questions about Netflix and we have it all written down to share it with you. Since last week we has been getting in touch with dozens of Netflix subscribers to  get their thoughts on the awesome streaming service that now have over 98 million subscribers.
Ravishing Virgo is a very talented model with a huge heart that she uses to support others all the time. That is what really drove me to find the kind of things that interest her mind when it comes to the streaming giant. The model revealed her favorite show and gave us a greatly detailed explanation on the other things she like on Netflix as-well.
“I love Netflix and feel it’s a great way to calm down at the end of a long work day or if you don’t have anything to do an you just want to binge. I have a lot of shows i love to watch but i think my favorites are “Once Upon A Time” and “The 100″. I love horror movies too and i feel their selection to be a little disappointing sometimes. Although their documentaries are very fun to watch an very educational with a wide selection.”
Internet Hollywood Question: What are some of the shows you recommend people don’t watch to avoid being disappointed?
“Well one of the things that disappoint me are some of the movies that sound really good but they are in a different language. So I’ve started checking the names of the characters in the movies and if they seem European or not English then i will usually skip it. Shows I haven’t been disappointed by. Just the horror movies for that reason.”
Internet Hollywood News: Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ caught a lot of attention this past month. A lot of people felt that the series provided a pretty disturbing image of teenage suicide. What do you think about the talk surrounding this series?
“I’ve seen it and not sure how i felt about it. I do agree with some people as far as they probably shouldn’t have had the actual suicide be so gruesome and i think they shouldn’t have focused so much on “LOVE” being the main reason for her suicide.”
Internet Hollywood News: What is it about love that will drive someone as young as 16 to commit suicide? Who becomes the blame in a situation like that?
“Well if its a bf or gf situation then a breakup can sometimes lead a teen to suicide but i think they have to be going through many more things i would think. Well i don’t think anyone is to blame. When someone commits suicide i believe its their choice but sometimes others can trigger it workout even meaning too.”
Internet Hollywood: If you could see yourself acting in a movie you seen on Netflix what movie would it be and why?
“Heartland. Because she trains horses and that’s what i do and its my favorite thing in the whole world.”
Internet Hollywood:  Last question, we all could remember the times when places like Blockbusters was the place to rent movies and games. What was the main place you went to to get movies before streaming giants like Netflix existed?
“Blockbuster or Hollywood video”
Internet Hollywood: Same here. Lol. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions beautiful.
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