Model Rene-Krystle Hamlet wins Ms. US World title at the 2017 Ms. US World and Ms. World Pageant

Internet Hollywood News – Washington State model Rene-Krystle Hamlet is catching up on her rest after being crowned Ms. US World 2017 at the 2017 Ms. US World and Ms. World Pageant. The model announced the shocking news on her Facebook page and included dozens of pictures that washed away any doubt of her accomplishments. One of the pictures shows the model being crowned the title on stage at the Everett Performing Arts Center in Everett, Washington. She is still shocked to this day and is still processing that she’s the new title holder.


She wasn’t the only empowered soul that managed to achieve what she thought was unthinkable on the night of the pageant. She shared a stunning picture with Rene Robertson who was crowned Ms US World International 2017 at the event as well. Carla Gonzalez also came out victorious after winning Ms. US World Elite 2017.


The mission of the pageant was quite clear and well executed by all the beautiful minds behind the creation of this fabulous event. Thanks to Rene-Krystle Hamlet, we found out their mission to empower women by doing these three things:


* Celebrating their accomplishments.
* Encouraging involvement in community service.
* Promoting, honoring & advancing the status of women.


The message came with memorable moments that each participant could cherish for the rest of their lives. One of the reasons I look at every event of this nature as a big deal is because of what women do leading up to it. Hamlet told me it took months for her to prepare with workouts, dieting, practice walking, and of course, practicing interviews and speaking. If you ask me, the dedication to stick to those goals paid off in the ending!


The shocking news was welcomed with a huge amount of support and comments that congratulated the model on her latest achievement. She will be competing for the international title of Ms World in 2018.




*Janice Roxstrom and her team at Cinderella’s Secret for sponsoring her beautiful gown for the pageant

*Nic Naccarato of Naccarato Network and

*Al Smith Jr. with TrainChange Fitness

~Photography by Eric Choy~

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