Model Rhea Rayne Confesses Childhood Crush On John Stamos “I Had To Watch Every Episode Of Full House”

Topic Of The Week – Vermont Model Rhea Rayne just gave us a name from her past that meant a lot to her during her childhood days. We’ve been going through the Internet Hollywood universe to learn about a lot of our sensations childhood memories.


When learning about Rayne she revealed to our reporters that her crush back in the day was John Stamos of Full House. She even admitted that she use to watch every single episode when it was aired. I’m sure that isn’t a surprise to everyone else we was also guilty of watching their celebrity crush in action back in the day. I had plenty of crushes I found myself staring at in front of the television in plenty occasions.


“I’d have to say out of all my favorite TV hunks, it would have to be John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) I had to watch every episode of Full House just to see him and I admit I’ve watched every episode of Fuller House as well.. Got to admit, he still looks good!! It was a great show, I’m glad they brought it back!”

Rhea Rayne is one of the newest model recruits to be added to Prince Vega’s list of sensations. He is truly confident that the model will accomplish great things in her career. She has a good amount of experience and is friends with a couple of known Internet Hollywood sensations.


This beautiful featured image of Rhea Rayne was taken by Constantine Photos.

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