Model Rhea Rayne Prepares To Attend The Internet Hollywood Party In Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd

Coming Up (Events) – Model Rhea Rayne is one of the rising names in Internet Hollywood that has managed to get published in Internet Hollywood three times this year. The Massachusetts model was added to Internet Hollywood’s list of sensations earlier this month after being recruited in late February by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. We are positive that the number of publications will increase as the second quarter of the year approaches.


What’s even more exciting is the news about Rhea Rayne that’s been confirmed through our social media outlets. We got official confirmation that the model will also be attending the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd. She will be joining dozens of familiar names in the Internet Hollywood universe.


The party celebrates the rising talent of new sensations building a name for themselves on the Internet to achieve whatever purpose to fulfill their dreams. The party will include models (like Rhea), photographers, designers, musicians and more. Rayne is a familiar face that knows a great deal of sensations in Internet Hollywood. She has also collaborated with some in the past.


We look forward to catching up with the gorgeous model when she makes her appearance at the party. Ever since we met her she has been very supportive and we greatly appreciate her for that. We admire her flexible talent that has enabled her to perform well in photo shoots regardless of the theme.


This fascinating photo of Rhea Rayne was taken by Hennessey Photography.

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