Model Rosaliea Sebastino talks about her childhood crush and first heartbreaking experience: “My first crush was a nerd.”

Topic of the Week – Independent MA Model Rosaliea Sebastino had a petty interesting story to share about her first childhood crush and heartbreaking experience. The topic is a hot one in the Internet Hollywood universe and will be going on for a week before changing. Here’s what she said!


“Welp. My first crush was a nerd. A Dungeons and Dragons type of boy. I was 16 (hadn’t had a boyfriend yet). He had asked me to be his girlfriend, and I had accepted. We had a pretty good relationship. Nothing too crazy. We went to Renaissance festivals with his family, and played Dungeons and Dragons every week. I was a bit jealous over my best friend (now ex best friend) who had hung out with him quite a bit. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but, whenever I inquired about the hangings to him, he denied all feelings, and any desires. So, I carried on. After about a year and a half, he ended up breaking up with me to be with her. Yep, my best friend… It killed me inside. He called me over the phone to break up with me. Couldn’t even see me in person. It felt like someone was ripping my heart out of my chest. I bawled for days. Until, I just, built a wall around my heart from that point on, and moved on with my life. I had to push myself, but, it happens. People break up, and lives continue, I just had to keep telling myself that relationships are mile stones.”


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