Model Sabrina Paquin discuss her plans to expand in 2018, arranging a group shoot with Isabel Vinson, upcoming collabs, people she’d like to collab with, her main goal, and more!

Beyond The Lens –  Independent Massachusetts model is getting a taste of what it’s like to make front page news on Internet Hollywood after completing her interview with me a little over a week ago. Paquin is one out of many talented people that were sent questions after being invited to do the messenger interview with me earlier this year.


We discussed some of the things she had in the works, whether she wanted to be an independent model, her main goals, favorite themes and more. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Sabrina Paquin*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Sabrina! As the new year continues, many people have been plotting on their next career moves to get the best results. How has the process of planning your next moves been going for you so far this year? What is your goal at this point?


Paquin: Happy New Year to you too! I’d have to say my goal for this year is to work with more models, photographers and makeup artists! I’ve mostly done solo work with a select few photographers in the past and just recently started doing 2 person shoots and bringing in makeup artists which has been a blast! I would love to work with some stylists as well this year. So I’m really just branching out and being in contact with more creatives, so if you’re reading this and want to collaborate definitely get in touch!


Internet Hollywood: You have so many beautiful pictures from collaborations with photographers that could be seen on all of your pages. Do you have any collaborations in the works for this year yet?


Paquin: I have so many exciting collaborations in the works already this year!  I’ll be heading down to Rhode Island soon to work with Model Aylla Corrie and photographer Ryan Zamora. Aylla will be helping with hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling so I’m sure it will turn out fantastic! My family and I own Live Action Escapes and in February model Isabel Vinson and I have arranged a group shoot at the escape rooms. So there’s 5 themed rooms and plenty of other beautiful spaces to shoot in the building. There’s going to be a bunch of us there so definitely keep an eye out for the pictures!  I also have an L.L. Bean catalog style shoot with male model Nick Freson in the works as well in February. So far this year I could not be happier with the collaborations!


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the talented people that you would like to collaborate with?


Paquin: I’m looking forward to working with Lexie Davis. We just recently got in touch about booking a shoot together but, there’s many other people that I want to work with, Bella Donna, Chris Lunetta, Kaye Chapman, Taylor Knytych. There’s so many I could just keep going!


Internet Hollywood: What was the key source of motivation that made you decide modeling was something you wanted to make a career out of?


Paquin: I really enjoy the creative side of modeling. It’s almost like being able to become someone else just for a little bit. Like acting, but a little less involved. And now that I am becoming more comfortable within the modeling world I’m really starting to get creative with my photo shoots. So I think the motivation kind of stems from needing a way to express myself in whatever way I felt I need to at the time. It’s great for mental health and just overall well being.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your biggest challenge as an independent model since you started?


Paquin: I think the biggest challenge most models face is making sure you’re working with the right people. Especially with all of the misconduct that has been coming to light in Hollywood lately. You have to take extra precautions to ensure your safety by checking out everyone interested in working with you, bringing someone along to shoot and just using general awareness.


Internet Hollywood: What style of shooting comforts you the most when you do photoshoots with photographers?


Paquin: I’m not sure how to answer this question because I’m not too sure what it’s asking.


Internet Hollywood: Okay, moving on. Are you trying to sign to an agency or do you want to remain independent?


Paquin: I am currently signed to a small local agency but haven’t had much luck with them because they are more commercial based. It is hard to land jobs with having as many tattoos as I have.
I haven’t really looked into any agencies that work with alternative models but I think for now I am content remaining independent.


Internet Hollywood: One more thing before we wrap up, Is there anyone that you would like to shout out or pay your respects to?


Paquin: I would like to give a shout out to Chris Canon Photography. He took the past year off but is ready to get back into it full force. I can’t wait to make some more great photos together!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Paquin!


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Sabrina Paquin (SMP Modeling): Instagram

Photographer: Chris Canon

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