Model Sabrina Paquin takes on high fashion looks with Karl Jacobson Photography in their new photo shoot

Photo Shoots – Karl Jacobson has been keeping his camera hot since the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show this past Sunday and it’s not like it was cooler before the weekend of the party anyway. Karl has many photos from this year on his Instagram that involved collaborations with many upcoming models and each of the shoots looked phenomenal. One of the photos that really caught my attention is the one he did with Sabrina Paquin.


I recently discovered the photos over Instagram while browsing through the names I am connected to through my page early Thursday morning. I saw the high fashion through Sabrina’s page then I went to Karl’s page to check to see if it was made public by him as well and I discovered that it was. This quenched my urge to write a new story and I made each step as fast as I can to get this story out.


One of the main things I liked about these photos is the display of different colors that could be shown in her makeup and her nails. As humans, we are drawn to colors and Sabrina’s makeup brought together many along with her beautiful nails that rested across her face in the picture. The beautiful pose in the photo was captured so perfectly by Karl and he didn’t fall short of capturing more great shots after. I found a few of them to share and I look forward to finding more from him to write about in the future. Great job to both of them!


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Karl Jacobson: Website –  Instagram

Sabrina Paquin (SMP Modeling): Instagram 

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