Model Sabrina reveals her favorite photo shoot, running a business with her family, what she looks for in photographers and more!

Interviews – As we get deeper into the weekend more and more talented sensations are beginning to open up to our questions about their career. We have been interviewing musicians, photographers, models and more. My initial goal is to get as many as 50 stories out before the evening of tomorrow.


One beautiful model that gladly opened up to the questions I had is Massachusetts model Sabrina. I’ve been keeping my eyes on Sabrina for a few weeks and I happen to find her work to be very entertaining to the eyes. She is great at striking the perfect poses for photographers and her photos pretty much proves that. I definitely had to pursue this interview after that.


I sent the model five questions about her career and she gladly shared the information I needed to piece together this story. I hope you enjoy it!



Internet Hollywood: Hey Sabrina! I’m definitely excited because this is your very first interview with us here at Internet Hollywood. I definitely like all the hard work you have been doing with your modeling so it’s only right for me to get some info out of you. What made you want to become a model and who was the one that got you to do your first photo shoot?


Sabrina: Thank you so much, I’m excited as well! I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was young, but then again what little girl doesn’t? I had gently pursued modeling when I was younger with no luck but in the past few years I was able to make my modeling dream come true. About 2 years ago I had been working behind the scenes helping out a good friend of mine named who goes by Chris Canon for his photography, set up lighting for a future photo shoot when our test model didn’t show up! We had all of the lighting set up and we were in a house that didn’t belong to us so he asked if I would want to model as to not waste our time and of course I said yes! He and I worked so well together her offered to do a planned shoot and we’ve been working together ever since.


Internet Hollywood: What would say is your favorite photo shoot you did so far?


Sabrina: I would have to say my favorite photo shoot I’ve done so far would be my most recent one actually. I worked with a couple Brian and Nikki called NBT Photography out of Northbridge, MA. She is a make up artist and he is a photographer. It was a pin-up style shoot with a beautiful ’62 Impala. The set has been selected for the November edition Delicious Dolls Magazine! I can’t wait for you guys to see it!


Internet Hollywood: Are you ever worried that things may not go as planned with modeling and may have to do something else?


Sabrina:  I find that worrying about what may or may not happen isn’t good for my mental health so I just tend to take things as they come. I’m a good improviser so I can generally figure my way out of any situation.


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in a photographer before deciding you want to work with them?


Sabrina: I always look for a good portfolio. High quality, well composed images are what most models hope to receive from a photo shoot. Another thing is references. I will almost always ask for references from other models they’ve worked with in the past. If you hear nothing but goods things about their experience then I will set up a shoot, but if there are some questionable reviews I will be a little more hesitant about booking a shoot.


Internet Hollywood: When do you feel the time will come when you put modeling to the side to pursue other things or settle down?


Sabrina: As long as people still want to work with me, I don’t know if I would ever stop modeling. As of right now modeling is only my part-time job. I actually own a business with my family that I work for full time. It’s called Live Action Escapes and its right in Worcester, so close to home. It’s really convenient because I am still able to pursue my dreams of becoming a full time model.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you!


Sabrina is a model that I’m looking forward to writing about more in the future. I think she’s incredible at what she does and will go very far in her career if she continues to put her mind and body to it. I’m glad to be the one to feature her on for the very time.


The gorgeous photos of Sabrina in this story was taken by JLOliver Photography!

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