Model Sarah Mariah talks about being featured on Fashion Avenue News Magazine and her recent fashion show

Models – Independent Connecticut model Sarah Model filled me in on some of the cool thing she had going on in her life and even shared some pictures from some of her recent collaborations that I had the pleasure of viewing. I got in touch with her last month to get some of the details on some of her latest projects and she talked about meeting a talented stylist by the name of Wendy Issacs through Connecticut photographer Mark Murphy and it’s been magic ever since. Here’s what she said:



“The fashion show and the magazine cover kind of correlated I met Wendy Issacs the stylist through Mark Murphy who is the photographer who introduced us. Ever since we met it’s been magic! One shoot lead to another shoot which I made cover of from both shoots! The first time I heard about making the cover I screamed and even cried a little. lol. it’s been a goal of mine since I was a little girl to make the cover of any magazine!”



She also explained how Fashion Models Magazine was at a fashion she was doing and being selected to participate in it after being selected by BG Brand:



“Fashion Avenue News magazine was also at the fashion show along with 15 other designers and 90 models. Each model walked the runway and was chosen individually by designers to walk for them that night. VG Brand chose me to walk for them and it was such a blast! Models used to have to be 5’9 but runway has changed so much in the past two years that I can finally walk the runway even though I’m only 5’7”



Sarah Mariah also revealed that she got two fashions coming up in New York with Wendy Issacs and for India Heritage Fashions. I will be looking forward to following Sarah’s journey as she takes her steps to her next fashion show! You could check Mark Murphy’s III incredible pictures of Sarah below!




Sarah Mariah: Instagram (click here)

Mark Murphy lll: Instagram (click here)

Wendy Issacs: Facebook (click here)

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