Model Shayna Evelyn Crowned Internet Hollywood Superstar – Officially Makes Her Debut

shayna newestModel Shayna Evelyn is finally reaching new heights in our digital universe now that today marks her official debut as a Internet Hollywood superstar. The gorgeous, down to earth, and skillful newcomer has broke her way through our doors with a powerful message we feel will resonate with thousands of young readers all over the world. Shayna’s determination to fill the shoes of some of the best models comes with the dedication she puts in trying to make steps to expand her base. She’s currently focusing on increasing her active involvement scenery-wise in photo shoots with local photographers in her area. Without any help, she has managed to capture the attention of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.

Shayna’s heartwarming personality makes everything about her adorable to me,” Prince Vega said. “She has what it takes to discover her true identity earlier than most girls in the modeling industry. With the perfect outlet she’ll blossom into something worth waiting for. That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose her to be a superstar in Internet Hollywood.”

Shayna makes up a small portion of the handful of models selected to be members of Internet Hollywood’s new superstar column. All the women selected will make up the faces that represent the model side of Internet Hollywood celebrities. She’s undeniably one of the most open minded models that remains curious about the steps to take to make her career one to remember. After being submitted to Internet Hollywood’s private committee of thirteen for review she easily racked in a total of 9 out of 13 votes to secure her position as our newest celebrity. We welcome Shayna to our universe with open arms and we look forward to being a part of her amazing journey! The amazing thumbnail photo of Shayna was taken by Philip Oaks Photography!

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